Michelle Rivera


I’m Michelle! An independent designer, color enthusiast and taco fanatic based in Austin, TX. In an alternate universe, I would probably be a comedian and a textile designer.

I thrive on simplicity, bold colors, a meticulous design aesthetic, and coffee… ALL the coffee. My design style juxtaposes bright, vibrant colors against modern, minimal layouts and typefaces. In my opinion, this combination creates a perfect balance of playfulness and professionalism! I love collaborating with passionate, proactive business owners who have BIG ideas to offer the world.  

During my 6+ years as a designer, I’ve worked with companies of all sizes – from solopreneurs to 300+ corporations. My work has won several awards, including two Gold MarCom Awards and a Communicator Award; and has also been published by Bloomsbury Press, in the book “Sustainable Graphic Design”.

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Interested in working together?

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