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Q: How much do you charge?

I offer two design packages – holistic branding and product packaging design. You may find starting prices on those pages. If you’d like to discuss add-on services or a retainer contract, please email me for further information.

Q: How does the ‘One Concept Approach’ work, and what does it mean?

In the past, it has been standard procedure for designers to deliver multiple design concepts to their client. There are a couple issues that arise when this process is taken, though. First, I want you to think about a time you’ve visited a cool, new restaurant and everything on the menu looked delish. Did it take you forever and a day to decide on what to order, because you felt overwhelmed? Chances are, it did! When we are given multiple options to choose from, it creates a paralysis problem that can lead to indecision. Instead of jumping back and forth between logo concepts wondering if you’ve chosen the “right” one, I deliver the strongest option up front. Second, when given multiple choices, it is likely that you may bring your personal preference into the decision making, rather than considering your target clients, customers and business goals.

I’m confident in presenting one logo concept, because that allows me to pour my time and effort into perfecting that one, stellar logo design that meets all the criteria discussed during our consultation. It’s quality over quantity! I’m here to bring absolute value to your logo, rather than dispersing that value amongst multiple possibilities.

Q: How long will I wait before I see my concept presentation?

This depends on the package you’ve chosen! Typically, you can expect to see your design concepts within 3 weeks of reviewing your mood board. Then, we will spend weeks 3-6 perfecting your design(s) and expanding on any additional services. A specific timeline is outlined in the contract you receive during the beginning of our journey working together.

Q: Do you offer printing?

For branding clients: Currently, I do not offer printing, though I do offer my clients a list reputable, high-quality printing resources upon request. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands!

For packaging clients: Typically, it is the client’s responsibility to outsource and connect with a printer that can handle the product packaging they wish to produce. I am more than happy to assist if needed, though!

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

My preferred method of payment is good ol’ fashion check. If you must pay by credit card, you may pay via Paypal. If using Paypal, you are responsible for additional transaction fees, which are not included in my package pricing.

Q: How do you deliver the final files?

Once the final invoice is paid, your files will be delivered via email or Dropbox link. Your shared Dropbox folder will be available for 30 days, so make sure to save your files in a safe place! Along with your final files, you will receive a document that outlines how to use each file type appropriately, to ensure a smooth transition on your end.

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